Once again, I’ve accumulated duplicates of various CLAMP things. Why? Because I found different editions/special sets/buy things in lots.

This means it’s giveaway time!!!!

What you can win:

  • Japanese edition of Chobits vol. 5
  • Magic Knight Rayearth II vol. 1-3
  • Cardcaptor Sakura vol. 5
  • And CLAMP No Kiseki vol. 12 with Yuuko and Mokona chess pieces. (Queen and pawn respectively)

This time around, I’ll only be having 1 winner. That means that while your chances of winning are slimmer, you win a lot more stuff. Additionally, I don’t care where you live! As long as you’re on earth, I’ll send it to you. I’ll be covering any and all shipping costs. (After all, what’s the point of winning free stuff if you have to pay to get it?)

Rule time!!!

  • You have to be over 18 to enter. (Tumblr has rules about this apparently.)
  • You DO NOT have to be following me.
  • I will only be counting reblogs! 
  • That said, you can reblog this as many times as you want.
  • No giveaway blogs
  • If you remove any of this text, you’ll be disqualified.
  • Your ask box has to be open. If I can’t contact you and get your address, I can’t send it to you.
  • If you are the lucky winner and I don’t hear back from you within 24 hours I will draw another number.

I will be picking the winner using a random number generator on April 1st, so you have until March 31st to enter.

Good luck!